It’s a reading/sick day.

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Having a chronic illness is starting to drive me quite mad. I really don’t know if I have more sick days in general or if my meds make me have sick days. Either way I wish I could just have a different body. Today I left work early again. I’ve missed way to much in the last week. I really need to go back to the doctor. Blah moving out of the depressing sick girl zone…

I love reading! Especially when I’ve been waiting for a book for ages!

Words of Radiance, was finally released today! DO A HAPPY DANCE! It’s book two of The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson. So far It is wonderful! I really can’t wait to get farther into the story so that I will have some actual words to say about it, but I just couldn’t contain how happy I am to start it today. It’s pretty ridiculous how much I love all of his novels! This one is special though. It’s his epic series. It’ll have umpteen books that will come out over the next couple decades. I’m so happy to read it all while it’s coming out. Normally I would say hands down I’m not reading it. I hate waiting for books. Authors seem to get disinterested to distracted…blah blah. But this time I’m all in, I’ll read each word as it’s given to me.

I’m currently listening to it on Audible, narrated by the most wonderful duo, Michael Kramer and Kate Reading. I’m going to read/listen the whole book through audible, mostly because I love Michael and Kate. I fell in love with them while listening to the Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan. I’ve read and reread that series so many times because well, it’s my favorite series ever! But I’ve listened to other books they’ve done and I truly think they are one of the best. The mention a few others that I love are: Jim Dale, Victor Bevine, Oliver Wyman, Paul Boehmer and Nick Podehl. There are many others that I love, but those are voices that have been with me for a while.

Lately when I’ve read a book it’s been through audible. The narrators bring so much life to the stories, it leaves my mind free to dream up each world with the finest details. I can listen to it while doing about 30% of my job, driving is so much more exciting when there’s a story involved and once I’m home it leaves me hands free for whatever I need to do around the house. When I’m sick and need to just lay down it’s wonderful to be able to turn the light out and just listen away. I just love that I can keep reading throughout the day. I just love it.

Don’t get me wrong, I love hand reading as much as the next person. I love how much more quickly I get through the stories and the funny way names get all twisted and turned about so I’m left with characters with strange nicknames. I love the feel of a book in my hands and how you get to see true progress as you turn the pages. You know, because I’m one of those crazy people who still buys real books, the ones made out of paper. They live on one of my many shelves with hundreds of other books.

To end my crummy sick day with a smile I’m going to return to the wonderful land of Brandon Sanderson’s mind.

Tell me what you like to do on your sick days or what books you love.

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